“...it was a pleasure working with you and an even greater pleasure watching you perform!”

—Jiro Umeda, Managing Director
World Festival Exposition Association


For a couple of years "The Checkerboard Guy" wrote a Daily Blog as a way of sharing information that he'd gleaned along the way... Being a somewhat tidy and organized individual he wanted to give things a bit of structure and decided to write on certain topic each day of the week -

Sub-topics were also organized into categories, and one of the categories that he ended up sending people to on a very regular basis was the topic of Cruise Ships. Every so often he'd jot down some aspect of what it's like working on ships and how he'd gotten there and this became a hot topic for other performers coming to him because they wanted to work on ships too. 

With the rebranding of his little corner of the web, came some choices about what to include and what to exclude, but it seemed a shame to loose all of this content, so if you fancy more pages of reading than you care to shake a stick at and don't mind a little retro-cbg design aethetic, head on over and check it out!