“You did an amazing job of pulling the audience together. Bravo!”

—Kim Selody, Artistic Director
Presentation House Theatre


Along with his love of performing, David Aiken also has a passion for video editing and geeking out on his Macintosh computer. In the fall of 2005 after purchasing the Final Cut Pro Production Suite (Apple Computer's professional level video editing software) Dave found himself feeling a little overwhelmed by the learning curve and decided to learn by doing. The idea came into his head to produce a one minute videos as often as he could and present these pieces on his website as a way of not only having some fun with the new software he bought, but also as a way of giving some insight into the often humorous behind the scenes adventures that he gets up to. So, scroll down through the various episodes, click to watch, then sit back and Enjoy!

Episode 28

Date: Sunday - 12/24/2006
Title: The Greatest and Bravest Showman in the World!
Music: "Breakbeat (Evil-CBG Remix)" - Soundtrack with assistance from David Aiken
Special Guest: Koji, Owen, Emiko and Evil Knievel
Synopsis: Watch Evil jump the Aiken Family S-Cargos!

Episode 27

Date: Friday - 11/29/2006
Title: The Vagabond Used Car Lot in Saskatchewan
Music: "Vagabonding Around" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: The one and only Flyin' Bob
Synopsis: Bob and Dave check out some sweet car deals north of Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

Episode 26

Date: Friday - 1/3/2006
Title: T-Shirt Printing with the AMP Crew
Music: "T-Shirt Shuffle" - David Aiken (via SoundTrack)
Special Guest: Mike Hensel, Walter, Pavo, Antonio, Veronica, Kelly, Stacy and the rest of the gang at AMP Merch!
Synopsis: Come watch the latest batch of CBG Swag being created!

Episode 25

Date: Wednesday - 11/1 & Saturday 3/25/2006
Title: OMWD News Special Report
Music: "OMWD News Theme" - Royalty Free Track c/o GarageBand
Special Guest: OMWD News Anchorman Rex Boyd
Synopsis: David Aiken reports live from the Cleveland Dam where Godzilla has been spotted.

Episode 24

Date: Thursday - 10/26/2006
Title: Welding "La Chose"
Music: "C'est Pas La Chose" - Music by David Aiken
Special Guest: Vocal by Peter Boulanger
Synopsis: Acrobat Boy & Super Welder Peter Boulanger from The Underground Circus

Episode 23

Date: Sunday - 10/22/2006
Title: The Great Pumpkin Patch Adventure
Music: "Down by the Bay" - Hootenanny-Annie and the Hay Ride Singers
Special Guest: Koji Aiken, Owen Aiken and Emiko Yoshikawa (the Checkerhead clan)
Synopsis: The Aiken Family takes a hay ride out to the Pumpkin Patch in preparation for Halloween.

Episode 22

Date: Monday - 10/2/2006
Title: The Wonders of Five-Pin Bowling
Music: "Bowling Boogie"" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)"
Special Guest: Koji Aiken, Owen Aiken and Emiko Yoshikawa (the Checkerhead clan)
Synopsis: The Aiken Family decides to play a little Five-Pin Bowling (those pins don't stand a chance).

Episode 21

Date: Sunday - 10/1/2006
Title: Snakes and Ladders and Shooters Oh My!
Music: "Shooter Snakes" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: Graeme, Alana, Kristy plus the Rudd Sisters, Rachel, Sarah and Laura
Synopsis: Snakes and Ladders never tasted so good!

Episode 20

Date: Saturday - 9/23/2006
Title: Serious Fun in Bermuda
Music: "Bermuda Beach Boogie" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: Candy Zulkosky Computer Queen from the Crown Princess
Synopsis: Candy and Dave hit the Beach in Bermuda then hop on a bus into Hamilton for Lunch before returning to the Crown Princess.

Episode 19

Date: Monday - 9/4/2006
Title: The Human Sling-Shot
Music: "Sling-Shot Scream" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: Olympian Heather Ross McManus from "Spring Action"
Synopsis: Heather invites Dave to ride The Human Sling-Shot on the last day of the PNE.

Episode 18

Date: Wednesday - 8/16/2006
Title: Look at that S-Cargo
Music: "S-Car-A-Go-Go" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: Dennis"The Snail Guy" (Camera work and comments by Mike Wood)
Synopsis: Dave takes ownership of a fantastic 1989 Nissan S-Cargo - Yippee!

Episode 17

Date: Sunday - 6/11 & Thursday 6/22/2006
Title: The Super Sepia Tour
Music: "Super Sepia Swing" - David Aiken (via GarageBand)
Special Guest: Geoff Cobb (aka Thom Sellectomy)
Synopsis: While on tour through BC and Alberta Dave makes Geoff stop for way too many pictures... Enjoy the slide show.

Episode 16

Date: Wednesday - 5/10/2006
Title: The Taxi Driver that Saved My Life in Acapulco
Music: "Acapulco Shuffle" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: A super friendly taxi driver who picked me up.
Synopsis: Dave is saved in Acapulco by a taxi driver who helps him check into "Hotel Enrique's" where he is introduced to the latest in high tech TV.

Episode 15

Date: Friday - 4/21/2006
Title: The Best Shave of My Life???
Music: "The Best Shave of My Life" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: Jim from "The Jim Show" and cameo by Bill Benge
Synopsis: Dave and Jim meet up in the Fort Worth at the Main Street Arts Festival and decided to experience a straight razor shave at Shelton's Barber Shop.

Episode 14

Date: Friday - 3/31/2006
Title: Yummy Breakfast at the Eye Opener
Music: "The Eye Opener" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: The multi-talented Angela Browne
Synopsis: Angela takes Dave to his favorite breakfast joint in Winnipeg for a fabulous feast!

Episode 13

Date: Wednesday - 3/29/2006
Title: Clip Clop Trot in Teulon, Manitoba
Music: "Clip Clop Trot" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: Super Juggle Geek - Robin Chestnut
Synopsis: Robin invites Dave out to Teulon, Manitoba to ride a Mustang named Cheyenne.

Episode 12

Date: Sunday - 3/26/2006
Title: BBQ Boogaloo with John Bent Jr.
Music: "BBQ Boogaloo" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: John Bent Jr.
Synopsis: Dave is invited over for a BBQ and John cooks up a feast!

Episode 11

Date: Monday - 3/6 &Tuesday 3/21/2006
Title: A Flaming Wallet with Ben Robinson
Music: "Wallet of Fire" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: Ben Robinson, Illusion Genius
Synopsis: David tries to stay warm in Gillam, Manitoba while Ben Robinson performs a hot trick in New York City.

Episode 10

Date: Thursday - 2/16 & Friday 2/24/2006
Title: Jay Gilligan's Juggling Trick Challenge
Music: "Jugglemania" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: Jay Gilligan, Super Rock-Star Juggler
Synopsis: Jay's in Berlin, Germany, Dave's in Vancouver, Canada - Jay sends Dave a video tape with a juggling trick described on it. Dave attempts to learn/do the trick before he watches how it's 'supposed to be done' and gets it remarkably close!

Episode 9

Date: Thursday - 2/16/2006
Title: Dice Stacking with Todd
Music: "Stack'em Chief" - David Aiken (via GarageBand)
Special Guest: Todd Strong, author of "The Dice Stacking Book"
Synopsis: Todd teaches Dave how to stack dice in under a minute - Unbelievable!

Episode 8

Date: Sunday - 2/12/2006
Title: Bouncing with the Boys and One Girl
Music: "Music to Bounce By" - David Aiken (via Soundtrack)
Special Guest: Randall Fraser and the entire Aiken/Yoshikawa Clan!
Synopsis: Randall joins the crazy Aiken/Yoshikawa family for a bounce on their backyard trampoline! Much fun is had by all!

Episode 7

Date: Friday - 1/27/2007
Title: Formal Ping Pong Aboard the Sea Princess
Music: "Messing Around" - Kyle Esplin
Special Guest: Kyle Esplin, Rock and Roll Piano Player from Scotland
Synopsis: Kyle and David go head to head in the only semi-official World Finals in Formal Ping Pong aboard the Sea Princess!

Episode 6

Date: Tuesday - 1/24/2006
Title: Cocktails and Lunch in Aruba
Music: Piano Lounge Favorites - David Williams
Special Guest: David Williams, featured pianist in the Crooner's Lounge aboard the Sea Princess
Synopsis: Dave and David depart the Sea Princess and head into Aruba to enjoy cocktails and lunch at a French restaurant.

Episode 5

Date: Sunday - 1/15/2006
Title: Waffle Sunday at Chateau Checkerhead
Music: "Waffle Sunday Theme Song" - David Aiken (via GarageBand)
Special Guest: Koji Graham Aiken - Waffle Connoisseur
Synopsis: Koji not only helps make the waffles for 'Waffle Sunday,' he also demonstrates a special eating technique.

Episode 4

Date: Thursday - 1/5/2006
Title: The Quest for Great Tacos
Music: Traditional Mexican Music - Street Musicians in Ensenada
Special Guest: Mosese Vatuloka "Moe" Cruise Director aboard "The Monarch of the Seas"
Synopsis: Moe takes Dave into the heart of Ensenada, Mexico in search of an amazing Taco!

Episode 3

Date: Tuesday - 1/3/2006
Title: Rock and Roll Piano 101
Music: "PIANO 101" - Jeffrey Coleron with support from David Aiken
Special Guest: Rhiannon Kruse and Jeffrey Coleron dueling piano players aboard "The Monarch of the Seas" with special thanks to Adam Knapik for his amazing camera work!
Synopsis: Rhiannon and Jeff get Dave up to speed as a Rock and Roll Piano Player

Episode 2

Date: Friday - 12/30/2005
Title: Child Sumo
Music: "Child Sumo Theme Song" - John Ullyatt (via GarageBand)
Special Guest: John Ullyatt of Firefly Theatre & Owen Aiken (Child Sumo Star)
Synopsis: Dave hooks up with John Ullyatt to introduce the exciting new extreme sport of "Child Sumo Wresting."

Episode 1

Date: Friday - 12/16/2005
Title: Happy Spinning
Music: "Sleigh Ride" - traditional Christmas Song
Special Guest: Ed Robertson of The Barenaked Ladies
Synopsis: Dave is joined by Ed to extend holiday well wishes and the benefits of proper posture.