Your incredible juggling talents are awesome, this was evidenced by the standing ovation following your hilarious performance!

—Debbie Maslowsky, Account Manager

The Bowering (International) Group Inc.


The moment The Checkerboard Guy hits the stage he makes a point of breaking the forth wall that so often separates audience and performer. His show strips away pretence and gets straight to the job of engaging the audience and reminding all in attendance that not only do fairy tales come true when you’re young at heart, it’s also a lot easier to bust a gut laughing.

The playful nature of the show often starts with an unexpected interaction before the show even begins. Who is this unconventional usher helping you find your seat and why is he making me laugh before I’ve even sat down?

The unconventional world of imagination spun by this mischievous instigator is one part inspired insanity, one part interactive game, one part skillful demonstration, and one hundred percent infectious fun. 

Be it deftly manipulating balls, clubs, axes, machetes and even stinky shoes, or riding a giraffe unicycle, or making balloon origami that will have you questioning the laws of physics, no matter what the skill that forms the basis of the play, audiences are immersed in an interactive arena that blurs the line between skill based comedy performance and game show, one in which the entire audience is invited to be a contestant.